Happy International Women’s Day! This Tuesday, people across the world come together to celebrate the achievements of women, raise awareness against biases, and take action for gender equality!

#BreakTheBias is the theme for this year, focused on imagining a world free of biases and discrimination, and to pursue a future more diverse and inclusive.

In fact, we have a few bias-breakers within our own team, playing essential pieces within our team. This includes the Master of Financial Directing; Rupal Shah, our trusted Talent Advisor; Tyra Butt, and the Head Honcho of Operations, Anna Cooper!

So, to celebrate the achievements of women, we took the time to speak with our fellow colleagues about their own career paths and achievements, before and during their time at Synergi! 


What was your career path before coming to Synergi? 

Anna: After 16 years with a previous company where I went from PA to Board Director, I found myself needing a new challenge and Synergi definitely provides that! Synergi was looking to grow and that is definitely something I can assist with. 

Rupal: I decided to pursue a career within Finance whilst I was studying Business Studies at university. As part of my degree, I spent a year working in a small company supporting the Finance Director. After I graduated, I started my career as a business analyst and worked my way through various Finance roles working for two different globally recognised companies. I started at Synergi about 2 years ago to head up the Finance function. 

Tyra: After working as a manager in retail for some time, I began to realise recruitment was the part I enjoyed most about my job. When I began my job search, I wanted to work somewhere where I could learn the business from the ground up with good company culture – which is what immediately stood out to me from researching Synergi’s website and the welcoming atmosphere I experienced when I came for my first interview. 


How have you developed/are developing your career within the company? 

Anna: I am learning more about myself than ever before, having moved from a much larger company with a different support function, this role has allowed me to develop new skills that perhaps I never knew I had. 

Rupal: I’ve spent my first year understanding the industry and adapting my skills to best support the business. My on-going development is supported through on the job learning, training and by my coaches and mentors. 

Tyra: Being my first job in the recruitment industry and I have already learnt so much! I am consistently learning different approaches to recruit new members to join our team – this includes learning all the different CRM systems put in place, using social media platforms to gain exposure and meeting people face to face. 


Any notable achievements during your time in your position? 

Anna: I think there has been a series of small wins throughout my time here that are working towards our bigger company goals. I have put in some career paths for all staff, reviewed our processes and tech stack, implemented a new CRM, got us cloud based and we have a clear 3-year plan, which is ever evolving however is a great guiding tool. 

Rupal: Since joining the team I have played a key role in supporting the team in delivering the best sales performance quarter after quarter. 

Tyra: After only working at Synergi for two weeks, I have already made connections with local Colleges to help place students in construction and engineering and business sectors into their ideal place of work straight out of college! 



Joseph Cawte
Marketing Executive