Let’s be honest, 2021 feels a lot more like ‘2020: The Sequel’ than a total fresh start. However, we have finally managed to get through to the New Year! So that means new beginnings, new resolutions, and new purchases of exercise equipment to burn off Christmas Calories for a weekend, and then never use again.

But before Synergi gets its own exercise bike to collect dust with, we reflect on the jam-packed year we’ve had in the office (and we aren’t just saying that because of the EUROs fever we had in the spring). It’s been a tough but exciting year for everyone in the team, with members new and old taking grand steps in developing their careers. And with everyone growing within their role, there’s been several achievements people have managed to make for themselves this year, big and small!

For myself (your wonderful social media manager), managing our Christmas Jumper Day campaign was a really rewarding experience. Coming together with the team to raise over £200 for the Save the Children organisation was well over our expectations, and I’m super proud of the work we did there! We also had a lot of silly Christmas jumpers to laugh at.

Though I’m not here to toot my own horn, what about the other members of team Synergi?


“I think my biggest achievement was getting the Bullhorn CRM integration over the line, on time and within budget.  These projects are never easy and it all went pretty smoothly…. of course I am always looking on how we can improve the system and process and what changes we can make to become more efficient.”

-Anna Cooper, Head of Operations


  • “I was exceeding my sales target for the year.
  • Buying my dream home close to my fishing lake and near great local restaurants and pubs
  • Climbing Mount Snowden with the team and staying away doing karaoke.-
  • I grew sort of a beard”

-Michael Martindale, Engineering Team Leader


“The Champagne challenge! A huge team effort to consistently over achieve our numbers over 13 weeks. This built the belief and platform to go on and take the Chicken Challenge too! We definitely over celebrated too!”

-James Berger, Senior Recruitment Consultant


“My Achievements Include:

  • Achieving my yearly sales target
  • Achieving my highest temp yearly sales revenue
  • Attempting (and nearly) climbing Snowdon with the team
  • Winning the chicken challenge with the sales team, resulting in a night out in London and sleeping through my alarm the following morning.”

-Freddie Hudson, Recruitment Consultant


  • “Achieving Finding Kevin, Sam Bird and Gavin 😊
  • Devising an effective onboarding process for the newbies 😊
  • Winning a few bingo games 😊”

-Zery Latif, Talent Acquisition Manager


So yes, a lot has been happening. And on that note, a huge congratulations to everyone on a momentous year at Synergi! Everyone is bringing their A-game into their job and are committed to ensuring the team’s success. Here’s to the future, and we’re looking forward to seeing what we will achieve this year!



Joseph Cawte
Kickstarter Marketing Executive