Michael shares his views on growth, determination and patience.

Nine years ago, Michael approached Synergi after sparking an interest in a​Trainee Recruitment Consultant position.

Despite not knowing much about recruitment, his honest and hard-working mindset perfectly matched the team values at Synergi.

Having recently returned from teaching English inAsia, Mike was willing to hit the ground running as one of the youngest members of the team.

After seeing the role at Synergi as an opportunity to develop a fulfilling and rewarding recruitment career from scratch, Michael has been mentored and guided by experienced industry professionals leading to natural development in his role. We spoke to Mike about where he is now, his journey with #TeamSynergi and what he’s learnt from his time in recruitment.

How did you develop from a Trainee Recruitment Consultant to a Senior Consultant?

“During the early stages I was learning a lot from the people around me, learning from their personal experiences in the business and industry. The most valuable part in recruitment is learning from others. The responsibility of the job developed as I gained more experience, there were opportunities to get involved in senior level meetings and to then recruit people to join us at Synergi. I would say my development at Synergi has been organic, you start off helping one person and then you share more with others and develop into a team leader. It has all been a natural and steady progression to where I am at now.”

What advice would you give to anyone looking to develop their career in recruitment?

“Patience and determination play a very important part. There are always going to be ups and downs like there is with any career but if you persist and keep learning the results will happen. Take every opportunity to learn from others, implement your training and any opportunity to develop your skills! It’s a rewarding career both mentally and financially so it’s worth the persistence and drive.”

What role has the team played in your progression?

“I’ve learnt that with any sort of growth, you’ve got to have patience. Chix has been a demanding coach, but most importantly one that is honest and trustworthy. Having a team that sticks by you through tough times and rewards you when you succeed has been brilliant. I’m glad to now have the opportunity to mentor new members of the team and pass on the experience that Synergi has given me.”

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