#IntroduceAGirlToEngineeringDay is all about encouraging women to consider a career in Engineering, a typically male-dominated industry. We’ve already come so far in the last decade with campaigns encouraging women and girls into STEM industries, but there’s plenty more to do!

What we learnt in 2019

Figures from the WISE Campaign, 2019.

1. In 2019 we reached one million women in core-STEM occupations in the UK. Whilst this is great, there’s still plenty more roles that women can step into, to help diversify the industry.

2. In engineering specifically, there are now over 50,000 women in professional roles, which is almost double the amount we had in engineering roles back in 2010.

3. As the number of women in these roles has grown, so has the overall industry, meaning that women still only represent around 10% of the engineering industry.

Whether it’s core roles, technology or project management, there are still plenty of organisations that are looking for skilled women to join their business and make a positive difference on the industry as a whole.

The next generation of Engineering needs you!

At Synergi, we’re working towards making the manufacturing and production more gender diverse, building relationships with our future female innovators and problem-solvers.

If you’re a female interested in engineering, manufacturing, digital automation or production, we’d love to hear from you.